Patient Stories

Knee Replacement

One of the most important days in my life began when I had an appointment with Dr. Michael Morwood for a routine X-ray and consult.

I had been experiencing pain with my right leg knee and hip for over eighteen years. I had consulted other doctors and even other orthopedic surgeons in Massachusetts, before we retired to Portsmouth. All of the doctors did X-rays and asked me questions, but the appointments always ended the same way….”we aren’t sure what is wrong” or “we can’t see anything that would cause that pain.” I finally stopped trying to find out what was wrong with my leg and just lived with the pain.

By the time we retired and moved to NH my life had changed completely. I couldn’t stand in place for any length of time, I couldn’t walk any distance because of the pain. I had difficulties driving any distance because my leg would ache so badly. And I couldn’t walk on the beach! We had moved to Portsmouth and lived seven minutes from the beach and I couldn’t do what I always dreamed of doing… walk on the beach every day!

Dr. Morwood came into the exam room and said hello and asked me how long I had been living with the leg pain. I told him, “eighteen years”. He said he had seen the test results, he had read all of the notes about my leg pain and he was ready to give me a diagnosis and a treatment plan that would start that day!

I needed total knee replacements in both knees and the right knee needed it soon. He recommended I have a cortisone shot in both knees that day to give me some relief. When I was ready, we would start with a knee replacement on my right leg.

That was in the spring of 2020…a difficult year for all of us. I had my right knee replaced on October 8th and stayed one night in the hospital. My surgery was complete around 6:00pm. At 2:00am I was able to stand with a walker and walk on my right leg. I had incision pain of course, but I had no pain at all in my leg, hip or knee…none.

Because of this talented, kind and gifted doctor, who had years of experience in robotic surgery, my operation was a success!  Thanks to Dr. Morwood, the home care I received along with the love and care from my husband and daughters, my recovery was amazing. It was a miracle living without that pain. Four weeks after surgery I was driving, went to the grocery store and I drove to the beach!!

One Sunday, just before Christmas we took a ride to Gloucester and Rockport. We stopped at two of my favorite beaches, from when I was young, where I always found sea glass. I was able to walk both of those beaches, from end to end, without pain. It was the best gift I have ever received.

Next week I am having a knee replacement on my left leg. I am so very grateful and thankful that I met Dr. Morwood and his staff and for the care they have given me. He changed my life completely….I keep saying it is a miracle to everyone who will listen!

I will be walking the beach this spring.




Knee Injury

I recently had a knee injury and was unsure on where to go after leaving the hospital.  My primary care physician recommended I go to Atlantic Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine to get my injury diagnosed by a professionally trained and experienced orthopedist. Dr. Noerdlinger was helpful, informative and efficient throughout the entire process.  We originally thought it was an ACL tear based on the swelling of my knee, but after a simple MRI done on site, there was no tear!  Atlantic has since provided me with physical therapy options and I should be back on my feet and active in no time.  I had the pleasure of going to both offices in York and Portsmouth and both locations staffed friendly, accommodating and most importantly, efficient assistants and medical professionals.  I was in and out and back to my work day in no time.  Thanks for everything Atlantic Orthopaedics.  I will be sure to recommend them to friends and family.

Knee Pain

Christine is hands down the best very friendly I went there for my knee and she figure out what was going on with it even after having surgery on it couple years ago I highly recommend Christine.

Broken Wrist

Very impressed with Dr. Crawford and his team for the prompt care in helping my mother with her very badly broken wrist. Wonderful to call and actually get a call back from the Doctor himself. Thank you.

Delighted With The Whole Experience

From Eileen, who took my call from California on Monday and booked me in with Dr. Crawford the day after arriving in Portsmouth, to the Receptionist, Medical Assistant, Xray Tech, and to Dr. Crawford himself yesterday, everything was efficient and professional, informative, and personal. I’m delighted with the whole experience, my first with the medical community in four years of summering aboard a boat nearby. Thank you all!

Hip Replacement Surgery

Hey folks, I want to give a huge thank you to Dr. Sastry who performed hip replacement surgery on me. From the moment I met with Dr. Sastry to talk about the surgery, he gave me a feeling of confidence that the outcome would turn out great. The procedure done at York Hospital and my pre-op meeting with the anesthesiologist, physical therapy and hospital staff all addressed my questions, overviewed the pre and post operating procedures and left me with additional confidence that I was in good hands. The operation was a great success and I was in the hospital a total of 12 hours, I slept in my own bed and woke up the next day with no pain in my right hip, the first time in 3 years. I did every thing asked of me from daily exercisers, meeting with Visiting Nurse staff who checked in on me twice a week, to sitting back and taking it easy and heal. My follow up meeting with Barry Cusson was great, though he did a mild scold as I didn’t have my “cane” with me but all in all he was happy to see that things were going well. Yes, I used my cane every day thereafter until my follow up meeting with Dr. Sastry. I wish I could express the happiness I felt when Dr. Sastry walked in to the exam room. Dr. Sastry showed me the x-ray and told me everything looked textbook perfect. I cannot express enough how thankful I was to hear that result. Thank you Dr. Sastry!! But I was not done I had several weeks of physical therapy and home exercised to do. I want to give a HUGE shout out to the Hilary and Annie, of Pro Care who pushed me in my physical therapy work and helped me extend the flexibility of my leg and hip. Thank you both! Every day I am thankful to the fact that I have no pain in my right hip and can get my life back in many way. Thank you all; Dr. Sastry, Barry Cusson, York Hospital staff and Pro Care. You all performed beyond expectations. THANK YOU!


Love them, my 4-year-old daughter got her cast put on yesterday and they were so patient with her. Explained everything they were doing so she wasn’t scared although it was her second time around! Thank you all very much!!

Very Accommodating

Excellent staff, very accommodating and knowledgeable to every question and concern I had. From the receptionists to the nursing staff and the doctor’s everybody was very friendly and super professional.

Crush Accident At Work

My husband got hurt in a crush accident at work. We truly thought he was gonna lose his foot. If it wasn’t for Dr. Crawford who put a rod in his leg and straightened it and Dr. Elits for the wound care of the wounds on his foot we would have. They are amazing and all the staff is as well. We have seen a few PA’s too and they were equally as wonderful. My daughter broke her foot and they were the ones that I called. I could not recommend them any more than you just need to go there.

Atlantic Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine