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Your back, spine, and neck provide support and mobility. When pain strikes, simple activities such as twisting, bending, or turning can become painful and difficult. If you’re experiencing back pain, spine pain, or neck pain, you aren’t alone. Nearly 80% of adults have suffered from back pain at some point in their life, with back conditions and back injuries like herniated discs, scoliosis, spinal osteoarthritis, sciatica, and more.

Our priority is to get you back to living and playing, pain-free. Our Seacoast NH-based team of physicians will evaluate your condition and determine whether spine surgery or non-surgical spine care is necessary for treatment, depending on the severity of your diagnosis.

Below is a list of the most common back and spine conditions and injuries we treat, as well as the most common back and spine treatments and surgeries we offer. Contact us with questions or schedule an appointment online to have your back, neck, or spine evaluated and treated. Our offices can be reached at 603-431-1121 (Portsmouth, NH) and 207-363-3490 (York, ME).

Diagnosing Back & Neck Pain

Back pain, spine pain, and neck pain should not be ignored. Reach out to our back and spine physicians if you’re experiencing any of the following symptoms, conditions, or injuries.

Our back, spine, and neck specialists most often see patients experiencing these common problems.

Back and Neck Pain Symptoms

  • Lower back pain
  • Upper back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Pain at night
  • Problems with balance
  • Weakness or numbness in legs

Back and Neck Conditions

  • Herniated Discs
  • Osteoporosis
  • Scoliosis
  • Spinal Osteoarthritis
  • Sciatica
  • Spinal Infections
  • Spinal Osteoarthritis (Spondylosis)
  • Spinal Stenosis

Back and Neck Injuries

  • Traumatic spinal impact
  • Spinal Cord Injuries
  • Whiplash – Neck Sprain or Strain

Additional to in-person consultations with our orthopedic back and spine providers, advanced imaging techniques help us understand the intricacies of your pain, many of which are often invisible to the naked eye. Before recommending treatment, our physicians may order any of the following for patients with back pain, spine pain, or neck pain.

  • EMG
  • MRI of the Back, Spine, or Neck
  • Ultrasound of the Back, Spine, or Neck
  • X-Ray of the Back, Spine, or Neck
  • CT Scan of the Back, Spine, or Neck

Upon examination and imaging, you may be referred to other specialists within our practice who treat areas related to your back or neck pain; physical therapists or occupational therapists who can provide further functional movement evaluation and rehabilitation guidance; or, as a last effort, back and spine surgeons who can provide additional screenings and treatment recommendations.

Evaluate Your Back Pain, Spine Pain, or Neck Pain.

Treating Back & Neck Pain

Are you ready to put your back, spine, or neck pain to rest? We can help. We provide cutting-edge diagnostic methods to understand your pain and offer a variety of treatments and surgery options to solve it. Contact us to begin your road to recovery today. 

Using clinical evaluations and imaging as guidance, our providers may recommend any of the following nonsurgical treatment plans to help alleviate or manage your back pain, spine pain, or neck pain.

Your provider will discuss various options with you to develop a plan that best suits your needs and lifestyle.

Back and spine surgery for patients who are not responding to nonoperative treatment, like rest, anti-inflammatories, physical therapy, injections, or other treatments like EMG. In all cases, advanced imaging will be ordered to be sure our diagnose is accurate. Surgical intervention may include:

  • Herniated Cervical Disc Surgery
  • Lower Back Pain (Lumbar) Surgeries 
  • Spinal Cord Injury Surgery
  • Spinal Infection Surgery
  • Spinal Stenosis Surgeries
  • Anterior and Posterior Scoliosis Fusion

We provide all back and spine surgery at Portsmouth Regional Hospital in Portsmouth, NH, and York Hospital in York, ME. Soon, we will also be opening an on-site ambulatory surgical center at our offices on Lafayette Road in Portsmouth, NH.

Treat Your Back, Spine, or Neck Pain

What Makes Us Different?

When you’re experiencing back and spine problems, you can depend on our team of Board-Certified physicians to listen, respond, and help you find a solution to your pain. Over the years, our team has served thousands of Seacoast community members suffering from back and spine injuries. Our treatment plans are 100% focused on you and your road to recovery.

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We offer preventative, nonoperative, and operative back and spine care to people of all ages and abilities throughout New Hampshire, Maine, and Massachusetts.

Services Related to Back & Spine Pain

Ready to restore your quality of life? We can help. We offer cutting-edge diagnostic methods to understand your pain and a variety of back and spine treatments and surgery options to solve it. Learn more by selecting any of the related services listed below. 

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