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As one of the largest joints in your body, it’s no secret that hip pain and hip arthritis affect your quality of life and keep you from the activities you enjoy. If you’re having hip pain you may be suffering from swelling, stiffness, and “start-up” pain. Struggling with everyday activities like walking, climbing stairs, getting in and out of a chair or your car, and putting on socks and shoes can all signal that you may benefit from a hip injection or hip replacement.

Our physicians will evaluate the extent and severity of your pain and recommend the treatment that’s best for you. Contact us with questions or schedule an appointment online to have your hip pain evaluated and treated. Our offices can be reached at 603-431-1121 (Portsmouth, NH) and 207-363-3490 (York, ME).

Common Symptoms, Conditions, and Injuries in the Hip

Hip pain can make everyday activities challenging. 

  • Hip pain
  • Snapping hip 
  • Joint stiffness
  • Cracking joints
  • Decreased range of motion
  • Swelling in the hip
  • Avascular Necrosis (Osteonecrosis) 
  • Degenerative Joint Disease – Hip (Osteoarthritis) 
  • Hip Arthritis
  • Hip Loose Bodies
  • Inflammatory Arthritis – Hip 
  • Osteoporosis
  • Hip Fracture
  • Labral Tear
  • Dislocation

Evaluate Your Hip Pain

Common Treatments & Surgeries for the Hip

If you’re experiencing hip pain, there are reliable treatments and surgeries available. 

  • Robotic-Assisted Hip Surgery
    • Robotic-Assisted Anterior Total Hip Replacement
    • Robotic-Assisted Posterior Total Hip Replacement
  • Hip Arthroscopy
    • Minimally Invasive Hip Surgery
  • Total Hip Replacement Surgery
    • Anterior Total Hip Replacement (traditional approach)
    • Posterior Total Hip Replacement (traditional approach)
  • Hip Replacement REVISION Surgery
  • Bone Grafting

Treat Your Hip Pain

Treating Providers | Hip Pain

We provide preventative, nonoperative, and operative hip care to people of all ages and abilities throughout New Hampshire, Maine, and Massachusetts.

Services Related to Hip Care

Begin your road to recovery today. We offer advanced diagnostic and a variety of treatments and surgery options to understand and treat your hip pain. Choose from the options below to learn more about a related service.

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