Shields MRI

Shields MRI

What Is MRI? 

MRI stands for magnetic resonance imaging and an MRI machine is a large tube-shaped magnet that creates detailed pictures of the musculoskeletal structures of your body – the bones, tissue, and organs. MRI is a useful diagnostics tool that can help providers identify injuries and monitor how a patient’s body is responding to recovery and treatment plans. 

MRI at Atlantic Orthopaedics

At Atlantic Orthopaedics, we’ve partnered with Shields MRI to provide our patients fast and accurate onsite MRI services — the same MRI services trusted by New England’s top professional sports teams. Shields offers state-of-the-art 1.5T open* MRI and is conveniently attached to our orthopedic clinic on Lafayette Road.

Benefits of Shields MRI Portsmouth

  • Ease and availability of scheduling
  • *Open bore design = more headroom than other MRI machines
  • Soft mattresses with head support for optimal comfort
  • 5 to 2x faster scan times than lower-strength MRI
  • 2-way speakers for ongoing communication with your technologist
  • Secure online results through the Shields Express Link

Savings with Sheilds MRI Portsmouth 

Shields MRI Portsmouth provides unmatched expertise at a significantly lower cost. Patients of Shields can up to save 60% (sometimes more) on MRI costs for the same MRI services provided by other area hospitals. For example, an MRI of your knee may cost you more than $1,800 at Wentworth-Douglass Hospital vs. only $625 at Shields.

MRI Cost Calculator 

Do you want to know what your MRI might cost based on your insurance? Try this MRI price calculator from Shields.

MRI Appointments 

Visit Shields Online or call their offices to schedule your MRI: 1-800-258-4674.

MRI Referrals

If you need an MRI referral or an MRI consultation, contact us or call our offices at 603-431-1121 (Portsmouth, NH) or 207-363-3490 (York, ME).

More Info | MRI

Learn what conditions and injuries are often identified with MRI, how to prepare for an MRI, and what type of treatments may be recommended based on MRI findings.

Our Sports Medicine teams, Surgeons, and General Orthos often use MRI as a non-invasive way to examine your body in order to diagnose, start diagnosing, or track the progress of pain related to a variety of musculoskeletal symptoms, conditions, and injuries. Below are some common examples.

Severe pain – knee, hip, back, spine, neck
Difficulty walking
Difficulty balancing

Joint damage (i.e., torn cartilage, ruptured ligaments, and more) of the foot & ankle, knee, hip, shoulder, back, spine, neck, hand & wrist

Concussions – see Concussion Care
Spinal Cord Injury – see Back, Spine, and Neck Care
Stress Fractures – see Fracture Care
Joint Injuries
Muscle Injuries
Tendon Injuries
ACL Tears
MCL Tears

Please reach out if you need to schedule an MRI, get a referral for an MRI, have questions, or did not see your condition listed above. Our staff is happy to help.

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Shields MRI – Portsmouth
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The providers at Atlantic Orthopaedic & Sports Medidince, and our partners in health at Shields MRI Portsmouth, are here to help you prepare for your MRI. We will discuss MRI safety with you — including risk mitigation related to prostheses, pacemakers, surgical plates, cochlear implants, shrapnel, and other metal or electronic devices in your body — as well as what to do if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, or have kidney or liver problems. Rest assured, wou will be instructed on what to wear during your MRI, how long it may take, and what the MRI experience will be like, and how you can reduce anxiety if you have any fear of enclosed spaces.

We are here to help you prepare for your MRI. Please reach out to us if you have questions.

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Shields MRI – Portsmouth
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Our physicians are trained to interpret your MRI. They will analyze the images from your scan and in clear language, discuss the findings appropriate next steps or treatment plan.

Contact our offices to learn more about the details of your MRI.

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Based on your MRI results, our providers may recommend any of the following surgical or nonsurgical treatments. This list is not exhaustive and these are only common examples.

Preventative Recommendations
If your injury or condition is not severe, rest and anti-inflammatories may still be advised.

Non-Surgical Treatments
Physical therapy
Occupational therapy
Braces or orthotics

Surgical Treatments
Arthroscopic SurgeryKnee, Hip, Shoulder
Cartilage Restoration – Knee, Hip, Shoulder
Joint Replacement Surgery – Knee, Hip, Shoulder
Robotic-Assisted Surgery – Knee, Hip, Shoulder
Spine Surgery

Learn more about our Services and Specialties, or reach out to our team with your questions.

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Diagnose & Treat Your Pain — Get an MRI or MRI Referral.

Our Patients Love Shields

“I had an MRI done in Portsmouth. Both ladies who worked with me were absolutely wonderful! They were patient and kind, explaining everything along the way. I would recommend both of these ladies if you have any fears of this procedure! The machine they had was very new, it had a larger opening and I didn’t feel claustrophobic at all! I can say this has been my best MRI experience ever! Thank you all!”

– Mary K.

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