Patient Stories

Knowledgeable, Helpful & Professional

Dr. Welch and Dr. McMahon are great as well as all the staff. They have a great attitude, are knowledgeable, helpful, and professional. I would recommend Atlantic Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine to anyone who is looking for this type of care.

Very Professional & Nice

They are very professional. The billing department does everything they can to work with you on the balance due. They are all so very nice here.

World Class Facility

World-class facility.  The staff was friendly and very accommodating.  The P.A. Ryan was knowledgeable, friendly, and only had my best interests(financially and physically) in mind.  I live 2000 miles away and wouldn’t hesitate to fly in for the level of care I received.

Highly Recommend

Atlantic Orthopaedics is a wonderful place, I don’t know what else to say. They always find a way to get me in and see me very quickly. I have dealt with several of the doctors and they are all the nicest people you will meet. They have a way of making you feel like a close friend and that they are looking out for your best interest. The front desk staff always greets you with a smile and makes you feel like you are welcome not just a customer. A refreshing place to deal with when maybe you aren’t feeling your best. I highly recommend this place.


Saw Dr. McMahon today for hip problems…..he gave me a cortisone shot in my hip….yes I was nervous and expecting much pain….he did such a great job and all I felt was three little pricks which was way less than I expected…..he did an amazing job and he was awesome….however my wife’s hand was a little sore from the squeezing due to the anticipation hahha…

Physical Therapy at ProCare

I saw Dr. Sutherland and he was amazing! So friendly, never felt rushed, and he was extremely thorough. He made sure to get all the information on my issue before deciding and made sure I understood all my options. He even asked if I felt like I knew the direction I wanted to go in. I came out with a much better understanding of what was going on and am now in PT up at Procare in the same building. Awesome, awesome people.

Rotator Cuff Surgery & 2 Knee Replacements

It was some 20 years ago that I first met Dr. Sutherland when my husband went to him for a rotator cuff problem. I was struck right away by his obvious compassion – by the way he took the time to listen in a very caring way. I liked him so much that I have been going to him ever since for multiple orthopedic issues, including two knee replacements and most recently, surgery on my right leg after a fall on ice that resulted in a broken tibia and fibula, and a shattered femur. Dr. Sutherland can always be counted on to put me back together again. I have complete confidence in his ability, skills and conservative approach, and know from first hand experience that his expertise goes well beyond his reputation for being an excellent spine surgeon. He has such a big heart for his patients and his cheerful manner goes a long way with me. That deep, hearty laugh of his is contagious and when they say that laughter is “good medicine,” that is certainly true for me. I think the world of him and wouldn’t want to see anyone else.

Back Surgery & Arthroscopic Knee Surgery

Dr. Sutherland did my back surgery three years ago, and I have enjoyed the sense of knowing that it was successful ever since. I had heard so many horror stories, and people were advising me to “just live with what you have because the risks of back surgery are too high.” But I trusted that things would go well, and I had total confidence in my medical team. Dr. Sutherland just did arthroscopic surgery on my left knee to alleviate some weakness from arthritis and repair a meniscus tear. I was back to work the next day, and had very little pain after the procedure. I’ve experienced a considerable improvement in knee pain in just a short time. I’m pleased with Dr. Sutherland as a person as well as a doctor. He’s easy to talk to, and I have enormous respect for him and his skill as a surgeon.

Knee Replacements, Hand Surgery, Arthroscopic Surgery

We both go to Dr. Sutherland and we both have complete faith in him. Marlene: Due to wear and tear, I’ve had total knee replacements in both knees. I’ve also had hand surgery for “trigger finger, rotator cuff surgery and wrist surgery. Through all of this, Dr. Sutherland has been fantastic. I wouldn’t go to anyone else.
Bob: We’re happy to “share” Dr. Sutherland. I’m now having trouble with my knee, and I’m scheduled for arthroscopic surgery to repair a tear to the lateral meniscus. As an RN, I appreciate Dr. Sutherland’s combination of medical skill and warm personality. He knows what he’s talking about, but you also feel totally comfortable with him.
Marlene: Everything he has done has been successful. I have great mobility with no pain. His PA is wonderful, too, and has been involved in the follow-up care after each of my procedures.
Bob: We usually go to the office together and he treats us like family. He always asks me about my knee, even though it’s not my appointment. He checks up on me. He cares about us, and we’re very happy to be his patients.

Workers Comp

When I moved to Maine, I was suffering from a knee problem and related Workers Comp issues. My new neighbor was a doctor who highly recommended Dr. Sutherland. He was an immediate hit with me! I wanted a doctor who was not only extremely competent, but someone I could talk to, who would answer my questions, and take whatever time was necessary to discuss my questions and concerns. I also had problems with my other knee that were not work-related, so the billing and insurance issues were quite complex and to me, an important aspect of my care and well-being. The office staff handled all of this with great tact, patience and skill. I always think that the office staff is a true testimony to a doctor’s skill – you can judge a doctor by the people who work there. I am also more than my two knees, and Dr. Sutherland has such a whole-person approach. He has that human touch, a great sense of humor, and really understands people. I am now considering surgery and Dr. Sutherland is helping me make the best decisions with full consideration given to my other health issues. I feel very well taken care of, like I’ve been put on a little cushion and carried around like a jewel. Everyone at SMAO is absolutely top notch! It’s a pleasure to go there. It’s a happy office.

Massive Shoulder Tear

Last December, I was helping lift my mother into the house on a transport chair after her release from the hospital. I fell and went down on the cement, breaking my elbow and tearing my rotator cuff. Dr. Sutherland did my shoulder surgery in February and the results were phenomenal. He is the best! He went through everything, explained everything, and covered all my concerns. My son, who is an athletic trainer for the Toronto Blue Jays, was with me and was so impressed with Dr. Sutherland. My son deals with a lot of doctors, and he told me I was in great hands. I had a massive tear to my shoulder, so arthroscopic surgery was not an option. Dr. Sutherland had to go through my arm, but you can barely see the scar, and I have absolutely no pain at all. He did such a great job. I met Dr. Sutherland over 15 years ago when my daughter had broken her ankle and Dr. Sutherland happened to be on duty at the emergency room. He was so kind, so knowledgeable, and so gentle with my daughter. I remembered him after all those years, and his awesome bedside manner. I’m still doing physical therapy for my shoulder, but I can do just about everything with full range of motion. I’m doing fabulous!

Atlantic Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine