Patient Stories

Great Experience

I had a great experience with Dr Sastry.  He took time with me and clearly explained the issue, options and recommended course of treatment.

Total Knee Replacement

Had a Total Knee Replacement 6 weeks ago with Dr Sastry. He took his time and didn’t rush me into having a surgery and he made sure I was fully aware of all the possible side effects and complications for someone my age. The surgery and recovery has been AMAZING! I feel like a new woman and can’t wait to be fully recovered and enjoying life AGAIN!

Hip Replacements

With this new procedure, patients are often using a cane as a light balance aid just 2 days after their surgery. One patient drove here by herself and walked right in without a cane. Ultimately, this procedure is rewriting the book on physical therapy after hip replacement. Anterior hip patients are bypassing both the typical in-patient rehabilitation and post-op rehab facility stays. We can see them much sooner. They are getting back to normal function much faster. They can get back to work more quickly, especially if their job involves standing. You just don’t see that accelerated process with a traditional hip replacement. It’s becoming almost predictable to us how these patients will present. They are a joy to work with because we can be a little bit more aggressive sooner due to their tremendous range of motion. We as physical therapists are free to stretch the hip without fear of dislocation. With a traditional hip replacement, we work within limitations and have to take precautions not to flex the hip beyond 90 degrees. Although the outcomes of both procedures may be similar, we are seeing patients get back to their normal lives — their work, their recreation, their independence — so much sooner.

Traditional Hip Replacement and Anterior Hip Replacement

Both times I had hip replacement surgery, I was trying to get away from wall-to-wall, grit-your-teeth pain. My traditional hip replacement was 15 years ago with a long stay in hospital, long recovery, and long period of post-op pain — it took 3 people to get me into my house! This time, with Anterior Hip Replacement, I was up the first day with a cane instead of a walker or crutches. There was a day and night difference in my mobility. I can bend from my hip in ways that make everyday tasks, like getting dressed, so much easier.

Hip Pain From Arthritis

I was good to go home the day after my surgery and was out Christmas shopping by the end of that week. I had lived with tremendous hip pain from arthritis for such a long time. When I woke up from the surgery, the pain was gone. With Anterior Hip Replacement, I no longer take any pain medication, and I can do things I haven’t been able to do for years, like tie my own shoes. I’m looking forward to coaching again without pain, and to getting back into the batting cage myself.

Knee Injury & Physical Therapy

I recently had a knee injury and was unsure on where to go after leaving the hospital. My primary care physician recommended I go to Atlantic Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine to get my injury diagnosed by a professionally trained and experienced orthopedist. Dr. Noerdlinger was helpful, informative and efficient throughout the entire process. We originally thought it was an ACL tear based on the swelling of my knee, but after a simple MRI done on site, there was no tear! Atlantic has since provided me with physical therapy options and I should be back on my feet and active in no time. I had the pleasure of going to both offices in York and Portsmouth and both locations staffed friendly, accommodating and most importantly, efficient assistants and medical professionals. I was in and out and back to my work day in no time. Thanks for everything Atlantic Orthopaedics. I will be sure to recommend them to friends and family!

Rotator Cuff Surgery

FANTASTIC experience from Day 1 through final PT.  After many years as a carpenter I retired and took up pickleball.  Then the pain in my shoulder became unbearable. I saw Dr. Nordlinger and his PA who helped me navigate through shots, then finally, rotator cuff surgery with reattachment of a bicep.  After only 5 months I am back to playing pickleball.  Each and every person on their medical team was wonderful.  I would highly recommend them.

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