Remarkable Doctor and Human Being

Remarkable Doctor and Human Being

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When you’ve been in the funeral home business for 37 years, you find out who the good doctors are. I respect Dr. Crawford not only for his careful, thoughtful approach as a doctor – but also for who he is and what he stands for. And thanks to my knee replacement, I now know what a normal knee feels like! I injured my right knee in a wrestling tournament many years ago, and over the years it became more and more painful. I was very apprehensive of surgery of any kind and Dr. Crawford never pushed me, saying, “You’ll know when it’s time.” And I did. In addition to the knee replacement, he also did substantial arthroscopic work on my shoulder. With both surgeries, Dr. Crawford spent plenty of time with me, made sure I understood all of my options, and accurately set my expectations about the recovery and rehab time. A remarkable thing about Dr. Crawford is his ability to accurately diagnose with his hands – an art that many doctors today never develop because they depend on electronic imaging technology. When Crawford is volunteering in Kenya in the orthopedic teaching program he founded, he teaches doctors to use their hands and clinical observation, because they don’t have the diagnostic equipment that we have here. He’s a remarkable doctor and human being.

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