Foot Implant Surgery

Foot Implant Surgery

I met Dr. Eilts a year ago to discuss a remedy for the significant pain and frustration I was enduring as a result of the great toe implants I had installed one year prior. As an extremely active person with a physically demanding job, it became obvious to me that the implants were clearly not working and that I was far better off before I had them put in. I found Dr. Eilts to be extremely personable, professional, and confident in his ability to address a solution to my problem. One year ago Dr. Eilts removed the implant and fused the great toe of my right foot. The surgery, recovery, and return to normal routines went precisely as he said they would – with no surprises. In living my very active and demanding lifestyle, I honestly don’t realize my toe is even fused. In a few weeks Dr. Eilts will perform the fusion of my left toe and I look forward to being back in his care. In regards to Dr. Eilts personal and professional character, I could not offer a more sincere and outstanding reference. I will be forever grateful that I met such an excellent doctor and gained an even better friend. Do yourself a favor, get to know the man.

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