Foot Corrective Surgery

Foot Corrective Surgery

Throughout my life I have struggled with the limitations of several birth defects. Especially difficult has been the condition of my feet due to spina bifida. I have always needed leg braces or orthopedic shoes to assist me in walking. Chronic ulcers were a constant problem. Walking on grass or uneven surfaces was a definite challenge. Falling was a constant concern to me. As I aged, I found it to be increasingly more difficult physically to maintain a level of mobility that matched my desire to be independent and able to keep up with friends and family. Due to a series of events, I found and met Dr. Eilts. After my first appointment with him, I began to hope that something better could be done for me. Through Dr. Eilts’ innovation and outside-the-box thinking, my foot ulcer was treated with several procedures that enabled me to remain working. Once my ulcer was healed, a decision was made to perform corrective surgery on my right foot. This would provide the best possible outcome for improvement. My surgery was conducted by Dr. Eilts and my rehabilitation was uneventful, as expected. Dr. Eilts continued to encourage me through my recovery and aftercare. His professional, caring, can-do attitude has made my experience very positive. He continues to advise me and remains available for any questions or concerns I may have. What Dr. Eilts has done for me is nothing short of a miracle. Given the chance, I know he will do the same for those who are in need of his adept surgical skills, along with his medical expertise. Thanks to Dr. Eilts, I can now, once again, enjoy my backyard and return to my life with sure-footed confidence.

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