Degenerative Arthritis, 2 Joint Replacements and Injections

Degenerative Arthritis, 2 Joint Replacements and Injections

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When I was younger, I played a lot of baseball as a catcher. All that squatting down eventually took its toll on my knees. I went from my knees bothering me to my knees being really painful. That pain got steadily worse. I was having problems just climbing the stairs. Dr. Crawford told me I had degenerative arthritis in both knees. He tried a conservative approach first, including cortisone shots and knee braces. I lost 130 pounds to take the pressure off my knees. That definitely helped but by last fall, I couldn’t sleep because of the pain and it was affecting my ability to do my job. This past January, I had both knees replaced, stayed in rehab for 10 days, and I’ve been stretching and exercising on my own since. I just feel so much better. I have no pain at all. I would do it all over again. That’s how good I feel.

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