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Updated May 1st, 2024
“Change is the only constant,” they say, and after decades of dedicated service, Atlantic Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine is embracing this adage with enthusiasm. We’re excited to announce our newest venture — our third location in Dover, NH is expected to open in January of 2025 . The new facility is located off of Durham Road in Dover, NH near the Portsmouth Regional Hospital Dover Emergency room. This expansion marks a significant milestone in our journey, one driven by our unwavering commitment to providing unparalleled orthopedic care to our patients.

When asked about this exciting new chapter for AOSM, Matt Lane, Executive Director said, “For the first time in 37 years, Atlantic Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine will be expanding to a new location. On behalf of our partner physicians, we are thrilled to announce the construction of a state-of-the-art clinical facility set to open later this year in Dover, NH. This new office will allow us to serve our patients closer to home, while increasing our clinical capacity to meet market demand. As the largest private practice in the area, we have the partnerships and infrastructure to offer our patients world-class orthopedic care, independent from the influence of private equity or outside organizations. Our allegiance is to our patients. We are eager to help our Dover neighbors reclaim the activities that move them.”

Join us on this journey as we extend our reach to the vibrant community of Dover, empowering individuals to reclaim their active lifestyles with confidence and vitality. 

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A man standing in front of a robotic total joint replacement machine at a medical conference.

Embracing Cutting-Edge Technology: Dr. Sastry’s Experience with Stryker at the AAOS Conference

As orthopedic surgeons, staying at the forefront of advancements in medical technology is crucial for providing the best possible care to patients. Recently, Dr. Sastry had an exciting opportunity that not only showcases the innovative strides in orthopedics but also highlights the trust in his skills. Stryker, a leading medical device company in orthopedics, reached out to Dr. Sastry after learning about his plans to attend the 2024 American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) conference. The request? To conduct a live demonstration of the robotic-assisted total knee replacement on Thursday, February 15th. This wasn’t his first time being asked to showcase this groundbreaking procedure; he had the honor a few years ago as well.

The AAOS Conference
The AAOS conference is the largest orthopedic gathering nationally, attracting thousands of surgeons from around the world. This prestigious event was hosted in San Francisco, providing a platform for professionals to exchange knowledge, discuss advancements, and explore the latest technologies in the field. It’s an incredible opportunity to network, learn, and contribute to the ever-evolving landscape of orthopedic surgery.

Stryker’s Leadership in Orthopedics
Stryker’s invitation underscores their position as a trailblazer in the orthopedic industry. With a focus on developing cutting-edge medical devices, Stryker has consistently pushed the boundaries of innovation. Their commitment to advancing technology has not only transformed surgical procedures but has also improved patient outcomes, making them a trusted name in the medical community.

Robotic-Assisted Total Knee Replacement
The robotic-assisted total knee replacement is a prime example of the revolutionary technologies introduced by companies like Stryker. This procedure combines the precision of robotics with the expertise of surgeons, enhancing accuracy and optimizing the patient’s experience. As Dr. Sastry demonstrated this technique at the AAOS conference, it’s a testament to the collaborative efforts between medical professionals and industry leaders to bring about positive change in orthopedic care.

Promoting the Future of Orthopedics
The significance of this opportunity extends beyond the conference walls. It’s an opportunity to showcase the advancements in orthopedics to a global audience, but more importantly, it’s an opportunity to promote the benefits of such groundbreaking procedures offered to our patients. By embracing innovative technologies, Atlantic Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine can offer patients improved outcomes, quicker recoveries, and a better quality of life.

Dr. Sastry enjoyed sharing this experience with colleagues from around the world and, more importantly, with patients who stand to benefit from these advancements in orthopedic care.

Dr. Glen Crawford Humanitarian Seacoast NH

Dr. Glen Crawford Retires After 12 Years at AOSM

Atlantic Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine has officially announced the retirement of Dr. Glen Crawford, a board-certified orthopedic surgeon specializing in trauma and fracture care. Dr. Crawford has provided exceptional care to the Seacoast community since he joined the team at Atlantic Orthopaedics in 2011. He has been awarded the prestigious “Volunteer Surgeon of the Year Award” in recognition of his extensive volunteer work, and was named a Top Orthopedic Surgeon by New Hampshire Magazine in 2022.

“Dr. Crawford had a steadfast commitment to bettering the lives of his patients, whether here on the Seacoast or abroad. His volunteer work in Haiti, Tanzania and beyond is inspirational. We are excited to follow and support his continued mission trips through the Greater Newburyport Bura Alliance,” says Matt Lane, Executive Director at Atlantic Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine.

In a letter to his patients, Dr. Crawford wrote: “Looking back, I am filled with immense gratitude for the trust and confidence you have placed in me. It has been an honor and a privilege to be part of your health journey. While this decision comes with a heavy heart, it also brings an opportunity for you to continue receiving excellent care. Though I will miss seeing you at the clinic, I leave knowing that you are in good hands. Thank you for the privilege of being your doctor. I wish you continued health and happiness.”

Dr. Crawford partially credits his experience as a carpenter for fostering the skills that led him to pursue orthopedic surgery. Shortly after graduating from Stanford University School of Medicine, Dr. Crawford and his wife, Dr. Abkowitz Crawford, founded a volunteer project to train surgeons in developing nations. In the years since, they have traveled to Bhutan, Vietnam, South Africa, and Tanzania, often with their three children in tow. The Crawfords have been instrumental in providing instruction and introducing new technology to a medical center in Tanzania that they have returned to almost every year. 

The team at Atlantic Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine extends their deepest gratitude to Dr. Crawford for his dedication and the exceptional patient care he provided during his 12 years with us. We wish him all the best as he embarks on this new chapter of life.

Voted Best Podiatrist 2023

Since 1987, our team of board-certified orthopedic physicians have delivered the highest level of care to the Seacoast community. Serving athletes and residents alike, we operate as the area’s premier orthopedic and sports medicine practice. It’s what we love to do, and because of that we were recently voted “Best Podiatrist” by the Seacoast NH community in the 2023 Best of the Seacoast awards and we couldn’t be more proud of our foot and ankle team for this accomplishment.

If you’re suffering from foot or ankle pain, don’t ignore it. Come see our foot and ankle specialists in Portsmouth, NH, or York, ME, led by Dr. Eilts. Our teams will evaluate the extent and severity of your foot or ankle pain and recommend the treatment that’s best for you. Contact us with questions or schedule an appointment online to have your hip pain evaluated and treated. Our offices can be reached at 603-431-1121 (Portsmouth, NH) and 207-363-3490 (York, ME).

A team of young athletes with their hands in a circle.

FREE Sports Physicals – August 3rd, 2023

Atlantic Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine will be offering free sports physicals to all student athletes for the 2023-2024 sports season on Thursday, August 3rd from 5pm to 7pm at our Portsmouth, NH facility.

Young athletes planning to participate in a sports activity during their school year are encouraged to stop by for a complete examination. Physicals will be free of charge and a RSVP is required. Please call (603) 431-1121 to schedule an exam.

The Atlantic Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine Portsmouth, NH address is 1900 Lafayette Road Suite A. Please complete this form prior to your exam.

Yellow Running Person Icon on top of text that says Carpal Tunnel Release with Ultrasound Guidance Rapid Relief with Minimal Recovery Time

Carpal Tunnel Release with Ultrasound Guidance –Rapid Relief With Minimal Recovery Time 

What is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

The median nerve runs through the arm and forearm into the hand and controls feeling in the thumb and index, middle, and ring fingers. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) occurs when this nerve gets compressed as it passes through the wrist, leading to symptoms that include weakness, numbness, tingling, and pain in the hand and first three fingers. The often debilitating condition is the most common workplace injury, affecting an estimated 13 million Americans. 

How is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Treated?

Patients with mild CTS symptoms may experience some relief by wearing a wrist splint, getting steroid injections, and avoiding activities that exacerbate the condition, but many cases will require surgical intervention to relieve the pressure on the median nerve. Traditionally, patients had two options: open, or mini-open, carpal tunnel release surgery, and endoscopic surgery. Open surgery, while effective, is an invasive procedure that can leave painful scars and require long recovery times. Endoscopic procedures are less invasive, but can be complicated by limited visualization. 

What can I expect if I have Ultrasound Guided Carpal Tunnel Release?

Many patients delay carpal tunnel surgery because of concerns about having an invasive surgery and worry about the recovery time and being able to get back to work. Ultrasound Guided Carpal Tunnel Release is a minimally invasive procedure performed using local anesthesia and requiring a very small incision typically closed with just a bandage. The ultrasound guidance gives the surgeon a clear view of the carpal tunnel, allowing for greater precision and minimizing the risk of complications. Most patients don’t need post-operative physical therapy and return to normal activities within 3-6 days. Our hand and wrist specialist Dr. Quitkin is the 4th surgeon in New Hampshire, and the only one in the Portsmouth region, to offer Carpal Tunnel Release with Real-time Ultrasound Guidance. 

We sat down for a Q&A with Atlantic Orthopaedics’ Hand & Wrist specialist Dr. Quitkin to learn more about this procedure. 

Q: How does this procedure benefit your patients?

A: Carpal tunnel syndrome is the most common peripheral nerve compression syndrome.  It affects millions of people, with hundreds of thousands of new cases developing annually.  In some cases, symptoms can be managed conservatively with splinting and activity modification.  For patients whose symptoms cannot be adequately controlled with non-surgical treatment, carpal tunnel release offers lasting relief of symptoms.  The standard mini-open carpal tunnel release, which I have done for more than 20 years, is an excellent operation that solves the problem of carpal tunnel syndrome.  It’s only drawback is the palmar incision through which the procedure is performed.  This incision leaves a scar in the palm that is initially firm and tender.  While the scar eventually softens and the discomfort associated with it recedes, the scar symptoms may take weeks to as long as months to completely resolve.  Carpal tunnel release with ultrasound guidance allows us to move the incision from the palm, where the tissue is thick and prone to developing stiff, tender scars, to the distal forearm, where the tissue is much thinner and more pliable.  Scars in this area tend to heal very quickly and are minimally symptomatic.  This effectively solves the only problem with the mini-open carpal tunnel release.  The improvement in the carpal tunnel symptoms is the same, and the recovery is faster and less painful.

Q: Who is a good candidate for the procedure?

A: Most people are good candidates for the procedure.  Prior to surgery, patients are evaluated with an ultrasound examination in the office to be certain they are good candidates for the procedure.  The only contraindications are significant anatomic variations within the carpal canal or inability to adequately visualize the carpal tunnel under ultrasound.

Q: Where can a patient have this procedure performed?

A: Currently, carpal tunnel release with ultrasound guidance is being performed at NECOS.  And, we are awaiting approval to begin doing cases at York Hospital as well.

Q: Tell us about a success story! 

A: For most of my career, I have declined to do bilateral carpal tunnel releases on the same day, because the timing of palmar scar healing was sufficiently unpredictable that tying up both hands simultaneously could put patients in a very difficult position.  With the ultrasound-guided technique, the recovery is sufficiently predictable and sufficiently quick that releasing both carpal tunnels on the same day is now feasible.  Recently, a woman in her forties was having disruptive carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms in both hands.  She has a seasonal job, and was very concerned about missing time during her busy season.  With the ultrasound-guided technique, we were able to treat both hands on the same day and have her symptom-free for the start of her season a couple of weeks later!

Q: Is there anything else you’d like patients to know?

A: The use of ultrasound-guidance solves the only problem with an otherwise great procedure.  This is a big step forward in hand surgery.

Carpal tunnel release with ultrasound guidance is a safe, effective, minimally invasive alternative to traditional CTR surgery. Its advantages include real-time visualization during the procedure, lower risk of complications, and shorter recovery time. If you’re experiencing symptoms of carpal tunnel, schedule an appointment to find out if carpal tunnel release with ultrasound guidance is right for you, so you can get back to doing what you love.

Interior photograph of The Music Hall in Portsmouth NH

Proud to Sponsor The Music Hall’s 2023 Fill the Hall Food Drive

Atlantic Orthopaedics is proud to sponsor The Music Hall’s 2023 Fill the Hall Food Drive on June 24, from 9am to 2pm. This year we’re challenging the community to fill every one of The Historic Theater’s 900 seats with bags of food. All food and monetary gifts will go to the Meals 4 Kids program facilitated by Gather, who have been serving local residents for over 200 years.  

We need your help to Fill the Hall with the 60 tons of food needed to provide nutritious summer meals for more than 700 children on the Seacoast. These 10 meals a week will  fill the gap for kids in the months when subsidized school meals aren’t available. Needed items include: snacks like granola bars, raisins, and fruit snacks, peanut butter, low sugar squeeze jelly, canned tuna and chicken, rice, cereal, canned ready-to-serve soup, shelf stable milk, gluten-free foods, and personal care items like shampoo, soap, and toothpaste.

Atlantic Orthopaedics will be collecting dry goods from 6/12 – 6/23 to bring over to the Music Hall. If you are able to donate, come by during office hours in this time frame to make a donation.

Learn more here:

NH Magazine names 8 AOSM Surgeons Top Docs!

NH Magazine Announces 2023 Top Docs

Each year, over 3,000 licensed New Hampshire physicians nominate their peers for the opportunity to receive the honor of ‘Top Doctor.’ Those named Top Doctors received the greatest number of recommendations within 55+ specialties, and the results are in! We think all of our docs are top, but this year, eight of our physicians were voted ‘Top Doctor,’ including:

Glen Crawford, MD – Top Doctor for Orthopaedic Surgery
Robert Eberhart, MD* – Top Doctor for Hand Surgery
Andrew McMahon, DO – Top Doctor for Sports Medicine
Mayo Noerdlinger, MD – Top Doctor for Orthopaedic Surgery
H. Matthew Quitkin, MD – Top Doctor for Hand Surgery
Akhilesh Sastry, MD – Top Doctor for Orthopaedic Surgery
William Sutherland, MD – Top Doctor for Orthopaedic Surgery
Tyler Welch, MD – Top Doctor for Orthopaedic Surgery

Congratulations to all the 2023 Top Doctors!

Learn more about our providers in Portsmouth, NH and York, ME HERE. Or click HERE to make an appointment with our orthopaedic and sports medicine team.

*As of January 1, 2023 Dr. Robert Eberhart officially retired.

Dr. Tyler Welch of AOSM becomes the first surgeon in Maine to perform a BEAR Procedure for ACL restoration.

Dr. Welch Becomes First Surgeon in Maine to Perform a BEAR Procedure

ACL tears are one of the most common knee injuries, affecting more than 100,000 Americans each year. Until now, the only way to repair the torn ligament was with invasive surgical reconstruction using tendons from other parts of the body or from donor tissue. 

We’re excited to announce that there’s now a simpler, less invasive treatment available called Bridge Enhanced ACL Restoration (BEAR), pioneered by our own Dr. Welch, who recently performed the first BEAR procedure in the state of Maine. The surgery uses an implant to ‘bridge’ the torn gaps of the ACL without the need for donor tissue but instead, using patient’s own blood encourages the body rebuild the tissue, typically within 8 weeks. 

Congratulations Dr. Welch on this outstanding achievement!

If you’re suffering from knee pain, and would like to discuss your options with one of our knee specialists, please contact us today.

*Other resources on BEAR Procedure can be found here.

Dr. Eberhart with patient from Columbia.

Dr. Robert Eberhart Retires After 36 Years at AOSM

Atlantic Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine has officially announced the retirement of Dr. Eberhart, after thirty-six years as an orthopedic hand surgeon in the New Hampshire Seacoast community. As one of the original founders of Atlantic Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine, and its leader for over 35 years, Dr. Eberhart’s impact on the practice cannot be overstated.  

“We would not be one of the premiere medical providers in the Seacoast without him. Dr. Eberhart’s leadership and example will continue to inspire us even after his departure,” said Matt Lane, Executive Director at Atlantic Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine.  

Dr. H. Matthew Quitkin, a board certified, fellowship trained hand surgeon, who joined the practice in 2019,  is available to treat current and new patients facing a variety of hand and wrist ailments ranging from arthritis and fractures to tendonitis and nerve issues such as carpal tunnel syndrome. The entire staff at AOSM will be available to help patients during this transition.  

In a letter to his patients, Dr. Eberhart said, “I have enjoyed my career tremendously. I have taken great pride and have received great joy in doing my best to help all of my patients. I also have been fortunate to work with a group of outstanding healthcare professionals to build Atlantic Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine into the excellent orthopedic practice that it is today. Thank you for your trust and loyalty for all these years. It has been a great honor and a privilege to be an orthopedic provider on the Seacoast.” 

The practice recently held a holiday event at The Outlook in Berwick, Maine during which they honored and paid tribute to Dr. Eberhart with speeches and a farewell video with messages from current and past staff, colleagues, and patients. His impact on all those he worked with and cared for was evident through the laughter and the tears of this special farewell. Dr. Eberhart is an avid athlete and boating enthusiast and has many plans to keep moving and doing what he loves.

Dr. Robert Eberhart with Marc Shepcaro of Rye during a follow-up visit at Atlantic Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine’s new location at 1900 Lafayette Road in Portsmouth. Suzanne Laurent photo. Taken in 2016.
AOSM is now the exclusive orthopedic provider at Phillips Exeter Academy in Exeter, NH.

Our New Partnership with Phillips Exeter Academy

We are proud to be the exclusive orthopedic provider for Phillips Exeter Academy in Exeter, NH!

Learn more about our services at

Hear from Dr. Tyler Welch about this exclusive new partnership!

*The following is a transcription of the video. 

My name is Tyler Welch from Atlantic Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine. And I’m here to announce that we are now the exclusive orthopedic provider for Phillips Exeter Academy. As part of the new partnership with Phillips Exeter Academy, one of the doctors from AOSM will be on site covering all home football games. During those games, we can help diagnose and treat injuries if necessary.

At Atlantic, we have specialists that focus on every part of the body. This enables us to offer tailored care for each individual athlete here at Phillips Exeter Academy. We’re always trying to get better, we’re always trying to improve, so that we can take the best care of the community possible.

I have experience treating athletes from multiple professional teams, including the Los Angeles Lakers, Los Angeles Dodgers, and the Los Angeles Kings. That experience was very valuable to me. It taught me that you always have to treat each athlete as an individual. All athletes have different goals. They have different needs. They have different injury histories. And you always have to take these variables into account when you’re treating each athlete. This is a mindset that I’m excited to bring to Phillips Exeter Academy.

The one piece of advice I give high school athletes it to listen to your body. You know, if you don’t trust your knee, you don’t trust your shoulder, or you’re lacking confidence, or if you’re having pain that keeps coming back, you want to tell your trainer, tell your doctor. There’s usually an issue that you don’t want to ignore.

Atlantic Orthopedics, Phillips Exeter, game on!

Jacob Lareau Phsyicians Assistant Portsmouth NH

Welcome Jacob Lareau, PA-C

We are pleased to announce the addition of a new provider to our practice. Jacob Lareau, has joined the team as a Physician Assistant (PA). Lareau recently finished his Masters in Physician Assistant Studies at the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences in Boston, Massachusetts. By adding him to the team, we will be able to offer patients quicker access to exceptional orthopedic care.

“My mission as a Physician Assistant is to provide high quality, compassionate care, while restoring function and helping patients return to doing what they love best,” said Lareau.

Outside of work, Lareau enjoys hiking, surfing and dirt biking.

Please call 603-431-1121 to schedule an appointment or click HERE to learn more about Jacob Lareau.

Atlantic Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine